Pre-School or Nursery Visit


Book an in-person visit and choose from a mock inspection or an informal support visit.

Visits last 4-6 hours depending on what you wish to gain from the visit and the size of your setting.

Full details below.

This payment is required as a deposit to secure our agreed date. Please contact me on to discuss.



Book an in-person visit where we can discuss and work through elements you would like to cover including EYFS, EIF, curriculum, best practice, the environment, teaching strategies and inspections etc. Visits can work like a mock inspection where I can observe and assess the setting working and give feedback. Or they can be supportive and informal where we look at areas of the setting/practice/children’s needs/areas you would like to discuss and look at what is working well and if any improvements can be made.

Additionally, you can buy a written report of my visit which would detail our discussions, my findings, your strengths, any areas for development and how you could do this. You can use this as a self-evaluation form as you work through any suggestions.

Contact me to check availability, stating what you are looking for, when and how big your setting is (rooms and staff). Email 

This payment is a deposit and used to secure our agreed date. Deposits are part-payment of the total cost of your visit. Visits can be rescheduled to another date where possible and within 1 month of the original date. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel the visit. If I cancel the visit, deposits will be returned.

Total costs of visits depend on where you are based and the length of visit required.

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