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Professional support to ensure you provide Early Years excellence


If you’re aiming to develop the quality of your Early Years provision and practice. Improve authentic resources and child-led environments. 

Motivate and inspire your EYFS team. Develop effective Early Years planning, assessment and tracking systems, and become better at interpreting data to improve outcomes, you’ve found the support you need.  

At Philippa Hines Early Years Consultancy my consultancy and training service helps private nurseries, pre-schools, schools and individual childminders throughout Essex.

Providing best practice methods and teaching strategies, as well as on the job

training to enable settings to improve services and maintain high standards..

EARLY YEARS advice, consultancy and training 

Challenging Consultancy

Analysing your Early Years practice with a full report and action plan to improve the outcomes for your children

Team Improvement

I observe and work with the members of your team, offering ideas to enhance your Early Years provision and core practices

Motivating Staff

Challenging your staff’s thinking, inspiring and motivating your team by helping them to re-assess their Early Years knowledge and skills

High Quality Training

By providing on the job training and guidance I develop the quality of Early Years teaching and raise your standards

Better Environments

I help you to improve and develop your Early Years Foundation Stage learning environment and achieve consistently high Ofsted ratings

Effective Settings

Sharing the latest theories and concepts, I advise on effective Early Years planning, assessment and tracking systems

Introducing Philippa

My career has progressed through many years of experience within the childcare industry.  From Nursery Officer to Nanny, then Deputy Manager to Manager of a day nursery. Following the arrival of my son, I set up my own Childminding business which I developed and grew into a successful business over 10 years. 

Whilst Childminding I obtained 3 outstanding grades from each Ofsted inspection undertaken and gained a first-class BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years. I continue with various CPD courses as well as ongoing Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding training.

Through Philippa Hines Early Years Consultancy, I’m ready to guide and inspire Early Years environments across the county. Helping childminders and nursery teams attain the consistently high standards of teaching and childcare they aspire to.

Case Studies

Develop provision with 0-5 year olds

January 19, 2022

Develop Teaching and Environment

January 18, 2022

The Process

 A tailored service, with your individual Early Years challenges and goals as our focus. 

1. Your Needs

You may be concerned with maintaining your existing Ofsted ‘good’ rating, striving to achieve ‘outstanding’, or looking for ways to enhance your setting’s child-led learning environment.

2. Your Requirements

We will usually set up an initial telephone consultation, or face to face meeting, to outline your main Early Years requirements and understand your setting.

3. Service selection 

Understanding your key aims and challenges, we will be able to make a detailed proposal suggesting the consultancy or training services we can provide to you or your staff. 

4. Delivering plans 

We work with you and your team on-site to deliver your training requirements, staff best practice and personal development advice or Early Years consultancy. 

5. Reporting Back 

Depending on the nature of the consultancy or training undertaken, we will deliver the reports or materials you need to continue to raise your Early Years standards. 

6. Ongoing Support

For as long as you strive for excellence, we’re here to help! With bespoke ongoing support and regular training and professional Early Years programmes available.

Aiming for ‘outstanding’?

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements


Trusting someone else with your children is one of the hardest things you have to do as a working parent but Philippa always made it so easy. She has a real passion and drive to make things better for working parents and their families. My children are quite different from each other but Philippa always seemed to know exactly what they needed. I was worried when Philippa announced she was closing her childminding service but the skills she has equipped my children with has meant that they have moved seamlessly onto their next adventure. I can’t thank her enough!


Our son was in Philippa’s care for a relatively short period of time but how thankful we are to have had that time at all. He learned and developed tremendously in his time with her. She constantly encouraged his curiosity, creativity and sense of adventure and from day 1 had his admiration and respect. She guided him in making and maintaining bold and healthy relationships with both children and grown ups.
He’s now a bright, happy boy with a healthy desire to learn and ask the right kind of questions. He is also kind and gentle with his new sister and that’s greatly due to Philippa’s constant nurturing, preparing him for her arrival.
It’s absolutely priceless leaving your child in the morning and knowing they are in the most genuine, caring hands, getting the best education they possibly can. I do wonder how different bringing up our new baby will be without her contribution as a "third parent".
We always knew she was overqualified for childminding so though we were heart broken to lose her and we still miss her like crazy we are happy that she is going on to improve the future of children on a much wider scale.
People with her skills are few and far between and the world needs more of them!


I worked “alongside” Philippa from 2008 - 2015 as another child care professional.
Philippa offered care to children aged 0-10 years of age, and as well as developing their learning at the same time as her own; she offered support to parents to further assist the learning of the children.
Practitioners would turn to Philippa for ideas to develop their practice, because they too wished to achieve outstanding Ofsted reports concurrently like her. She used her day to day on the job experience, her ongoing professional development and research to go above and beyond the remit of her role to help others. It was Philippa’s first outstanding Ofsted report that inspired me to improve my own child care program and undertake additional learning to become an EYP. I feel strongly that any setting that works with Philippa have the potential to grow prodigiously.

Cathy Smith EYP

Philippa looked after our son for two years and we could not have asked for a better childminder. She worked closely with us as a family to really know and understand Benjamin and respond to his changing needs. We were extremely confident that he was happy and safe in her care and he took part in some fantastic activities and opportunities set up by Philippa and we all look back at his time there with very fond memories.


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