To improve staff practice, increase morale and motivation, inject fresh ideas into the setting and be prepared for our impending Ofsted inspection.


I offered new ideas and suggestions on the routine and activities; how to make these more child friendly; ideas on current trends within Early Years such as loose parts play, using natural and home made resources; guiding staff on their teaching strategies.


Staff became more enthusiastic on the resources they provided; they developed areas and home-made resources. Lunchtime routines ran smoother and there was more child involvement. Staff became aware of their language and increased their positive speaking. An interest developed in forest school.

Client Testimonial

Philippa was fantastic to work with, she met all of our aims and exceeded all expectations.  As a result of working with Philippa staff have been re-energised and regularly come with new ideas and activities they have researched themselves.  Practice has improved and the positive language the staff now use after working Philippa was commented on by our Ofsted consultant during a mock inspection.  We are still awaiting the actual inspection but we feel confident we will do well.  As a direct result of working with Philippa we have opened our forest school which caters for 4 children currently and is growing rapidly.  Working with Philippa will be a long term thing for us so we can stay ahead of the game.

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